Higher Education Scholarships

The DSMT-Dar El Tifl Higher Education scholarship Programme funds higher education scholarships for former pupils of the school to study at Palestinian universities.

The scholarships are awarded by competition to able but disadvantaged girls. The award covers the fees for a whole undergraduate course (usually 4 years).  Terms of the scholarship ask award holders to take a full part in university life, to undertake some voluntary work if time allows, and to act as  role models for younger Dar El Tifl pupils.

See examples of Higher Education Reports and application Guidance Notes.

2017 HE scholarship winners

The DSMT selection panel made the following awards in summer 2017:

A full scholarship (to cover all fees for an undergraduate course) to Narmeen, to study Law at Birzeit University

A partial scholarship (to cover the fees for the first semester of each year of an undergraduate course) to Haneen to study Kindergarten Education, at Bethlehem University

We wish both girls all the best for their studies. 



“I would like to start by thanking you so much for giving me this precious opportunity to get the scholarship. I am so happy and excited.  I cant find suitable words to describe the happiness I am living at the moment with my family . I promise to work harder everyday first for my own sake and secondly to prove that I do deserve this scholarship.” Narmeen, summer 2017




Haneen at University

“I’m writing to tell you about the university life, I feel comfortable in the University of Bethlehem. I like everything there.  There  are good teachers also the students are friendly. I like the college of Education, I like what I study, and I discovered that I have the ability to be a good teacher in the future … At first semester I felt a little of nervous , because I’m a new student in a new place too , also I don’t have enough information about the university and the teaching , because its different system than school, but in less than a week this feeling is disappeared. … The main reason of feeling well is the high mark I got at the first exam.  . I’m so thankfull  for this scholarship, and  I was more than happy that I’m a student in this university to complete my higher education .I will write for you soon…” Haneen October 2017

Nour – 2016 HE scholarship student


Nour is now in the second year of a degree in Architecture at An Najah University.

“I’m writing to let you know that I have recently finished my first year of University, majoring in Architecture … Apparently, university is nothing like school , more challenges , a lot of hard work and more responsibilities, especially because I’m studying in Nablus far away from my family. This isn’t the only difficulty I am facing in Nablus , since it’s in the West Bank, water and power shortages happen a lot. Besides finding a good house and a good company to stay with isn’t that easy , in my second semester I had to move to another house which costed me a lot of effort and time. But all of these challenges made a stronger person of me and changed a lot of the way I think. The summer semester was mostly in Ramadan , even though it was my best semester . I joined a sketching course and my architectural sketches developed a lot … I would like to thank DSMT again , because without your help , nothing of that would have ever happened to me.” Nour, summer 2017

Maram – 2016 HE scholarship student (partial award)

Photo: "In the biology laboratory when we anatomize a frog to study the inside parts"

Photo: Maram in the lecture theatre.

After a difficult first year away from home and facing the disruptions to life in the West Bank, Maram’s second year studying Physics at An Najah University has got off to a better start.

“Thank you for your supportive letter, with the beginning of this year and the first semester it seems that it is going to be more comfortable. I have started this year with energy  I have become acclimatized with university and Nablus  and the courses this semester are more enjoyable . yes I have been accepted to the next year. I hope to start with the Alumnae Association this year to be more connected with all girls to learn more from their experiences. Most sincerely.” Maram, September 2017


israa-heIsraa  – 2015 HE scholarship student

Israa is now in the third year of a degree in Architecture at An Najah University. Her second year report encouragingly showed how much more confident she is feeling now, with her course and with living away from home.

“Thank you for your letter it was inspiring as always, I really appreciate what you offer us. In this end of year report I am going to inform you about my grades and accomplishments, easy going matters and hardships. As you realized from my end of first year report I have faced some obstacles; however second year was a turning point, it was the point of overcoming most of them which in return promoted my self confidence in my courses and my life. … For my non-academic activities I participated in a Bicycle Tour twice as part of discovering Palestine on Bicycle.  I also volunteered in helping foreigners with their Arabic studies.” Israa, August 2017


dana-childrenDana helping with ‘Youth’s Print’ volunteer group at an event for orphans and their families.

Dana – 2015 HE scholarship student (partial award)

Dana is now in the third year of a degree in Law at Birzeit University. She wrote to us enthusiastically about her course in summer 2017.

“…The previous year was better academically to me.  I have learned how to handle more subjects and classes, also I started reading more and more law books even if they aren’t necessarily needed in my exams as what’s important to me is how much I love my field, and thanks to the many books that I have read, I was able to improve myself more and get my average up by 3 point, even though I still strongly believe that what’s more important is the love and the passion that I have for the law field, at the same time , enjoying the university life and try to always connect my field with my life, and to know what are my weaknesses and strength points, and that’s what I was able to achieve in the second semester of this year…”  Dana, 2017

leen-heleenLeen with fellow students.

Leen – 2015 HE scholarship student (partial award)

Leen completed the first year of her Social Work degree at Bethlehem University, having changed from Occupational Therapy in 2016.

“…As you know I had transferred in the last year from occupational therapy to social work and I have been accepted to this major from the first semester (fall 2017). This major fits my abilities and interests. I have visited many institutions for young people, the elderly, family and children.  And made a presentation for each visit. I had attend a conference of children’s rights. All of these activities increased my knowledge and personal skills.  My university life is very good, I feel pleasure going there each day, through communicating with my friends and doctors there…..”  Leen, 2017

RandrandRand – 2014 HE scholarship student

Rand is now in the final year of her course in Geography at Birzeit University.  She also studies History and Education and hopes to work as a teacher.

“… The third year was the hardest ever! … I got 81.2 averaged grade, and 81.9 averaged grade for my specialist (Geography and History). The second semester was very stressed with work and studying and I passed it successfully! … My social experience is getting wider. I am a member in two different voluntery groups. “Lisa msh aarfeen” and “Nabd” both do a variety of free work, like cleaning, painting, teach some life skills for teenagers and be an effective part to the society. Being a part of a group is really good way to invest my time in.  Also I read more and more books in different subjects, so I know more about life. Life can be better if we see ourselves as an active part of it, and the university is not just for learning or education …”  Rand, 2017

haya-certificate haya-husbandLeft: Haya at her graduation. Right: With her husband.

Haya – 2013 HE sponsorship student

Former DSMT school scholarship holder Haya was sponsored by a donor through DSMT when she was about to drop out of her first year for financial reasons. In summer 2017 she graduated in Audiology and Speech Therapy from Birzeit University. Well done Haya! We wish you every success for the future.

“This year was full of achievements, it was the happiest year at all and I pass it successfully.  Firstly, I completed two Hebrew language levels. Secondly, I did my special and exciting graduation project that was done the first time in the Arab world ‘Multi-Frequency Tympanometry Measurements in Normal Adults’.  Thirdly, I pass all courses, practicums and the final exam successfully.  And finally I graduated …  Now I am preparing for the Israeli Board exams and I am volunteering for 160 hours at the Jerusalem Princess Basm Centre as a first stage before the exam. And after graduation on 14th July, I got married!” Haya, 2017