Our philosophy and approach

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The DSMT aims to fund educational activity that has a sound, practical rationale, with outcomes that can be clearly evaluated in terms of benefits to individuals, their families and communities. We work with reliable partner organisations with an established presence ‘on the ground’ in the region. We aim to establish on-going links with these organisations and the communities they serve. We favour supporting the education of girls and young women as a powerful tool for personal, family and community development.

Our current partnerships and projects

Partnership with the Early Childhood Resource Centre (ECRC), East Jerusalem: funding for training for kindergarten teachers in the Palestinian Territories.

Partnership with the Dar El Tifl Girls School and Orphanage, East Jerusalem:  funding for The Dominic Simpson Memorial Scholarship Programme. Plus a new Higher Education Scholarship for a former pupil of the Dar El Tifl School to pay all university fees for a 4-year undergraduate course.

Partnership with the Vocational Training Centre, Jericho through Ycare International and the East Jerusalem YMCA: sponsorship of vocational training places for disadvantaged girls and young women.

In school year 2010-11 DSMT is working for the first time with the Bardala Girls Secondary School in the West Bank, to provide equipment and training materials to support the teaching of science and technology.

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