2008-10 scholarship girls

The three girls awarded scholarships from September 2008 successfully completed their schooling in summer 2010. One girl is now studying Business Administration at Al Quds University, one medicine at Cairo University and one went to study pharmacy in the USA but returned home after a year and is now studying Chemistry.

…..”I like to thank you for giving me the chance to be one of the chosen students to get this scholarship…….My dream is to become a pediatrician after I achieve the best marks in Tawjihi, which I can earn due to the good education the school teachers and administration provide.”

“I still dream to continue my higher studies in a good university and study banking. I can then be able to make my mother and all those who plan and put their dreams through me proud.”

“I want to thank everyone who is helping me achieve my dreams and aspirations, promising that I will do all my best and I’m sure I won’t disappoint them.”