2010-12 scholarship girls




These very able girls girls completed their school education in summer 2012 with resounding success.  All achieved above 90% in the school-leaving Tawjihi exams. They are now studying Information Technology, Medicine, and Speech and Hearing Therapy at Palestinian universities.

“The tawjihi exams are in the beginning of July, therefore I’m going my at most effort to get the highest grade which will allow me to study medicine, I love this subject a lot. I’m grateful for all your financial help to continue my education needs…. thank you.” Bodour, 2012

Bodour completes her medical degree – see video

“… I have in this period to study hard so that I can study the subject I want, like and have the ability to study it. The architecture is the subject I want, I hope to become an architect major. ” Haya, 2012

Congratulations from DSMT and from all our supporters!