2011-13 scholarship girls

As of 2012, the three girls have had a successful year in 11th grade, growing in confidence and taking a full part in school life.  Their end of year results were very good and all have now progressed to 12th grade.

“Next year is my last year at school. I get good marks in all subjects. I haven’t made a decision yet what to study but I think of being a photographer. I am studying hard and hoping to get high marks at the end of this schooling year. I contribute in many activities at school…. Thank you for your support and your scholarship.” Tamara, 2012

“I love my school and all the activities and subjects I learn, especially Maths and Chemistry. So I study well to get high marks in all subjects to develop my studies and achieve my dreams. I hope to achieve best marks in Tawjihi to pursue my studies in medicine to help my surrounding environment and my society.. DSMT thank you for the help in my school, for your care about me… I promise that I will do all my best in future.” Reem, 2012

Summer 2013

Reem scored 85.8% in the Tawjihi school leaving exams and is now studying pharmacy at Al Quds University

Nour scored 87.3% and is taking a Sports Science degree at Al Najah University, Nablus

Tamara had her schooling disrupted when her permit to enter Jerusalem was cancelled in March 2013 (see DSMT News ). She is now married but plans to study with the Al Quds Open University.