2013-15 scholarship girls

Three more girls from Dar El Tifl School were awarded DSMT school scholarships to complete their schooling in summer 2013. Photographed here with Georgina Simpson, DSMT Chair, during the September 2013 monitoring visit.

Hanan Awadalla, Aseel Qawasmi and Bara’a Abu Diab were awarded this year’s scholarships.  All three girls have great potential.

“I am writing to you to thank you for your letter I received.  Your words push me forward to excel in my schooling grades for the next coming year. Really I felt lucky to be granted this scholarship from DSMT………Bra’a Abu Diab‬‬‬

All the scholarship girls I met were lively and engaging and seemingly full of confidence. The school is obviously highly successful – two of the top ten grades in the tawjihi in the Palestinian Territories went to DTA students. …..” DSMT Chair October 2013

September 2014 update: Aseel, Bara’a and Hanan, seem to be a particularly gifted trio whose marks so far have all been up in the 80s and 90s.