18 Apr 2008

2008 monitoring visit

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First DSMT monitoring visit to the Palestinian Territories

Three years after the DSMT was founded, Angela and Dan Simpson (Dominic’s parents) visited the region to meet with project partners, to cement these developing relationships, see the work the trust is funding at first hand, and to explore possible future projects.

Based in East Jerusalem, they travelled to see activities and meet people in Jericho, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, and greater Jerusalem.

“It’s only by being there that you can get some inkling of the constraints under which the Palestinians have to conduct their daily lives.”

They were pleased to be able to report with confidence that:

  • The DSMT’s decision to concentrate on the Palestinian Territories at this stage is a sound one. Need there is great; education is valued, and providers welcome the contact with organisations outside their region, as well as the funding.
  • Project partnerships are working well; the money is being spent as it should be and the aims are realistic, practical and achievable.
  • Beneficiary organisations are run by well-informed professionals who have the vision and determination to battle against the many difficulties they face.  They believe in the value of the educational experiences they are providing for the individuals themselves, and for their families and communities.

You have chosen three excellent projects to establish the DSMT”. British Consulate, Jerusalem

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts….we have seen our photos on your website and we feel proud…our families like to know about your family.” Dar El Tifl School 2007 scholarship winners

“DSMT sponsorship for girls means we can say to families – look, there are people that want to help your girls, and this makes them think about agreeing for their daughters to study”. Vocational Training Centre  Director, 2008.

“I want to use what I have learned to develop the creativity and imagination of these children…their families cannot visit places, not even Jerusalem, and they know so little of the world.” Trainee on ECRC Teacher to Teacher Programme 2008.

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