01 Jul 2012

Kroll employees run the British 10k for DSMT

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Runners were Kelly Greener, Marianna Garcez and Birte Ellerbrock, replacing Stuart Milne.

The race started on a Thursday – a quick sprint to the kitchen to get a lemon drizzle muffin, a slice of delicious apple and cinnamon cake or a chocolate brownie. Our generous bakers had provided us with delicious sweet treats and thanks to them we’d raised nearly an additional £100 pounds for DSMT – £800 in total!

Sunday started grey and cloudy, and just as we had dropped off our bags it began to rain. Never mind, the music was loud and cheerful and we made our way up to Hyde Park Corner. The 20,000 runners were crammed into Piccadilly and a marching band paraded through the masses.

10.20 – things get serious. The national anthem, the count down – and the elite runners wizz by. One more time checking that the time keeper is in place and that the laces are tied up. Go! 1k – down Pall Mall. Hey, that was easy.  Further on along the embankment. 3k. People are lined up on the road side, hiding behind umbrellas but cheering on top of their lungs. View to St. Pauls. Half time and first stop for water. On to the Thames. Puuh…all the way back – really?  Legs are getting tired. 7k. At least the rain cools our faces. Across Westminster Bridge. Come on now! Nearly there! Past Big Ben. Final sprint!… and finishing at Whitehall. Tired, wet and thirsty, we slowly trot back to collect our medal. Now a burger for brunch –  what a happy ending.

Many thanks to Marianna, Kelly and Birte for so generously running the British 10k London run in aid of The Dominic Simpson Memorial Trust. You can still support them through VirginMoneyGiving.


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