11 Sep 2012

First DSMT HE student graduates

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Tamara Hallasi – 2007-2012 HE scholarship student

Photo: Dar El Tifl pupils attend Tamara’s graduation presentation

The first DSMT award holder, Tamara Hallasi, graduated in summer 2012 with a BSc in Materials Engineering at Al Quds University (see News).

Tamara – final presentation (summer 2012)

Tamara’s participation in university life and her extensive volunteering led to her being selected to visit the UK with fellow students in autumn 2011 and this year she has been selected to take part in a five month volunteer project based in London.

“Dear sisters at DSMT,

Thanks for everything!

… Finally, After hard work and long wait, and depending on my achievements (Universities Twinning ), I was chosen by “Youth in Action” Program from European Commission and  as the First Palestinian Volunteer on the first bigger project, ‘Ta’awun’ and they offer me five months in London. This would then run for me from the beginning of October to the end of February.

I am so happy for this achievement …”

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