10 Jan 2013

DSMT scholarship student prevented from returning to school

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On 16 March 2013 one of DSMT’s current scholarship girls and her younger sister, both pupils at the Dar El Tifl School, Jerusalem were prevented by the Israeli military authorities from returning to school after visiting family in Jericho in the West Bank.  Both girls live in the school’s boarding house and the older girl is due to take her Tawjihi school leaving exams this summer. The school is arranging for the older sister to study for her exams at home and to sit them at a centre on the West Bank.  They are looking for an alternative school in Ramallah for the younger girl.  They have been unable to secure an explanation of why the girls’ permits were withdrawn or to get them restored.  Only Palestinians with permits can enter Jerusalem from the West Bank.  The fact these are children in this case appears not to make any difference.

16th April …. “Both sisters are still prevented from entering Jerusalem without giving us or them any reason. Their pledge they submitted to the Israeli army is refused. The school headmistress contacted the Israeli captain responsible for issuing the permits he kept laughing and said what if these students are children, they are just prevented from entering Jerusalem right now!”

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