22 Feb 2014

Knees up for DSMT

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We are a group of friends here on the Isle of Wight, who had the idea that it would be great fun to hold a charity barn dance. As one of our group, Fiona Seymour, is administrator for the Dominic Simpson Memorial Trust, it was an easy decision to choose the DSMT to be the beneficiary of our event.

And who knew how easy and fun it would turn out to be? After our intrepid Tricia O’Brien booked the venue and hired a band, all we had to do was sell tickets to all of our family and friends.  And those went like hotcakes! Between us all, we sold over 100 tickets at £10 apiece. Easy peasy.

The evening proved to be delightful.  In addition to lively dancing to the sprightly tunes provided by the Caulkheads, we had a raffle and an auction. The evening provided many a hearty laugh, as we modern folk, unpractised in traditional folk dancing, strove to remember whether to turn to the right or the left; skip this way or that; swing our partners or do-si-do! Frequent missteps led to many a good-natured collision, which only added to the hilarity. Afterwards, all attendees agreed that they couldn’t remember the last time they had so much fun.

Best of all, we managed to raise £1,233.00 to give over to the Dominic Simpson Memorial Trust. All of which goes to show how easy it is and how fun it can be to raise money for a good cause.  Now that’s what I call a win-win situation!

By Suzanne Wlashin


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