01 Jul 2014

The London Colour Run

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Dominic Simpson was one of my best friends.  When I met him he was a diplomat in Saudi Arabia, but unlike all the others I knew.  He also served in Yemen and Jordan and I saw that he really understood the region and cared about it. I was always touched by his insights, his attempts to improve the countries where he served, and his desire to build bridges between Western and Arab culture.  That’s one of the reasons I am so proud that I ran the London Color Run for charity and supported the DSMT.

It was the first time in my life I ran for charity and it was a very strange and amazing experience.  During my training leading up to the run, I was able to motivate and push myself during the kilometres by imagining how much good my steps were doing for girls’ eduction in Palestine, the main focus of the DSMT.  It did not make the run less tiring but it really changed the way I felt about the fatigue.  My body had turned into a money-for-charity making machine and I felt empowered.

The actual run and crossing the finish line felt different from my other races.  I wasn’t thinking about speed or distance.  I felt content that I was doing something positive.  It was a much more emotional experience and with more meaning than my other races.

I am honoured to have had the chance to run on behalf of the DSMT.  After the run I found that I could continue helping the trust by using easyfundraising and I’ve raised some money by shopping at Amazon and Viagogo.  It makes me feel better about my purchases until I go back into training for my next charity run.

By Faiza Ambah



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