20 Aug 2015

High achieving school leavers

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2013-15 scholarship girlsThe three 2013-15 school scholarship girls who all studied in the scientific stream have done exceptionally well through 11th and 12th grade with school averages always above 90. All three achieved exceptional results in the national Tawjihi exams in summer 2015. Hanan scored 92.4%, Aseel, 96.3% and Bara’a 97.1%. Bara’a and Aseel are planning to study medicine while Hanan is taking a gap year and hopes to study physics next year.

Photo: DSMT Chair Georgina Simpson with 2013 school scholarship winners, September 2013. Left to right: Bara’a, Hanan, Aseel.

We send our warmest congratulations to these girls for their magnificent and well-deserved achievements. Read more…

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