01 Sep 2018

DSMT awards 5 new school scholarships for 2018-20

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DSMT is delighted to announce our latest school scholarship awards. This year the school has chosen to allocate DSMT’s annual contribution to support the education of five needy girls. Each girl has been awarded a scholarship to complete the last two years of her education at Dar Al Tifl School and take the national school leaving exams in 2020. Rahaf, Nourina and Natal will be studying in the Science Stream, whilst Razan and Nadeen have chosen the Literary/Humanities Stream.  We wish them all the very best for their studies and look forward to sharing their stories with our supporters.

“I will begin my letter showing  you how I am thankful and very happy for giving me this scholarship ….because now I can stay at dar al tifl el arabi school which I really love and it is such a beautiful school….”  Natal

“I am so happy to be accepted  in this  school scholarship because  that give me motivation  to be better and I know that if I am accepted in DSMT school scholarship that  means that there is someone who believes that I can be better at my school”  Nadeen

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