01 Aug 2018

Great achievements for DSMT school scholarship 12th grade leavers, 2018

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All three 2016-18 school scholarship girls achieved really impressive marks in their tawjihi examinations and have progressed to higher education.

lana-copyLana, is a very able girl from a large family, all still in education.  She graduated from the Scientific stream in 2018 with a tawjihi mark of 93.4 and is now studying Dentistry at Al Quds University.

“…I will send a recent photo in my university and write how I am getting on with my dentistry course as soon as possible” October 18


rawan-copyRawan: Rawan’s family live the Old City and have several children still in education, including Rawan’s twin sister.  Described as an ‘exceptional’ student, her 11th and 12th grade school marks were truly excellent and in summer 2018 she passed her tawjihi exams with a staggering mark of 99, the highest result of all DSMT school students over the last twelve years.  She is now studying Computer Engineering at Birzeit University and has been awarded a DSMT Higher Education scholarship.

“ I have really enjoyed my holiday and have done an experience that helped me believe that Computer Engineering will suit me.   I have participated in the Techno Youth Camp. It was mainly about online marketing and programming websites. We had 9 different computer engineers to tell us about their experiences and to teach us some of the basics …..”

tala-copyTala lives in a single parent household. At the start of 11th grade she was uncertain about whether she wanted to go on to higher education. She worked very hard through 11th and 12th grade and was rewarded with a mark of 90 in the tawjihi exams.  She is now studying Nursing at Al Maqased Hospital .

 “Thank you so much for your congratulation on my success in Tawjihi. It was a very difficult time but I managed to pass it and did my best and the results were satisfactory.  l hope that my result impressed you…”

Congratulations to all three girls on their splendid achievements! We wish them all the best for the future.

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