12 Apr 2018

Congratulations to DSMT’s latest university graduate

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randRand – 2013-2018 HE scholarship student

DSMT’s newest graduate is Rand, who gained her degree in Geography, History and Education in summer 2018 from Birzeit University.

…”I am writing my fourth and final annual report. Let me talk about my senior year, it was the best year! I have done so many activities and left a finger print behind. First, I have finished my B.A. degree major geography minor history, also received my educational diploma for high school education.  My final degree mark was 80.8, which is estimated very good. I know that I could have done higher marks but I trust that I have given my best effort, while participating in other activities. I have graduated with two degrees that I am proud of…….My graduation project was about “The economic and social changes in Al-Nuwaimeh” which a village located near Jericho in the west bank. My social group study was of three farmers, and the point that I was exploring was the causes of the loss of agricultural land and the social implications for these people. ……… For my social life I have made friends with lots of students, older and younger than me. The university had the perfect environment for this. In addition, I have been public relations officer in the geography club. ….We (the club) have done many activities such as trips, mass breakfast, free books, and preparing photo sessions for seniors. …..

As I am a fresh graduator, I still do not know what exact job. I can be a teacher, or a tours guide. Right now I am on a vacation but soon I will get a job. ……I had an amazing experience in the past four years, and I could not have been more grateful for what happened, the university experiment changed me a lot and I am different person now…..Without the support of DSMT I would not have been through all of this, so I want to thank DSMT for the upholding of my higher education from the beginning to the end….” Rand Summer 2018

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