02 Dec 2020

Update on DSMT’s plans for winding down the charity

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Our latest news bulletin in January 2020 published the Board’s decision to wind down the DSMT after fifteen very successful years, as announced at the final fund-raising event in October 2019. DSMT has always been a small and closely-knit charity, with an amazingly loyal group of supporters, brought together by the wish to do something worthwhile and practical to commemorate Dominic. We are very proud and very grateful for all that has been achieved in his name. Thank you everyone who has contributed to this.

With money raised by our final event and careful management of resources raised over time, we are pleased to announce we will be finishing on a high note, with grants to fund the following:

  • Two more rounds of school scholarships for disadvantaged girls to complete their schooling at the Dar Al-Tifel School, to run from 2020-22 and 2021-23. [In addition of course to funding all existing scholarships to their completion].
  • A memorial at Dar Al Tifel School to mark our long and successful partnership. This will be made in traditional Palestinian ceramics and will list all the school and HE award holders since 2007. [Pictures to follow].
  • At least one and possibly two four-year HE scholarships for disadvantaged young women in the West Bank via the UK based charity Friends of Birzeit University who will manage the scholarships after DSMT closes.

DSMT will close officially in spring 2021. However, Dar Al Tifel School and Friends of Birzeit University will periodically send information about beneficiaries’ progress. This will be posted on our website, which will continue for some time after we close. Our final newsletter will be published in autumn 2020.

Thank you to all our supporters for your loyalty and generosity over the last fifteen year.

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