10 Jul 2020

Student life in Palestine with Covid-19

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Israa – 2015 HE scholarship student

Israa’s messages over the months form a vivid account of her experiences through her final COVID-disrupted semester

“Luckily I returned home a day before the state of emergency was declared. The graduation situation is still unclear and there is no clear timeline of the semester, everyone thought that it’s just a matter of a month but things aren’t going well , that’s why no one can take proper decision. It’s really frustrating how things went that way… Best wishes” April 2020

Good morning dear Angela, our seminar date is set on May 28th and so our graduation is supposed to be afterwards. I will keep you up to date with my graduation process. Thank you for your kindness. Take care.”  May 2020

“I’m glad to tell you that I made it and graduated. Words can’t express how grateful I am, I’m tremendously thankful for DSMT support it means a lot to me… There is no clear statement about the graduation ceremony but what I know that there will be one sooner or later.”  June 2020

“We didn’t have graduation ceremony yet and it seems that we’re not going to have one soon, however I’m gonna have a photoshoot for my graduation and I will happily share my photos with you. Also I want to share a good news, I applied for a job and got accepted, so now I’m working in an architecture engineering office in Jerusalem, the work helps me to get over these difficult times… Thank you again and best wishes.” July 2020

 “I think we, the corona virus generation, are very special as we had an unexpected circumstances yet we could get through it and we will be mentioned in the future and that’s kinda special…”  July 2020

“…thank you for your message. I’m doing fine, it’s a relief that I could get through these hard times thanks to my job. also I want to add that now I’m preparing for the professional practice exam… Best regards.” August 2020

“…Life in quarantine was not easy for some as they lost their jobs, their loved ones, their dreams, their plans.  For me personally, quarantine was a perfect time …having a spare of time to think purely and critically of an important milestone of my life, the graduation project and I can not be more proud of the results.” From Israa’s Report, August 2020

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