Beit El Ikhlass kindergarten

First training session with participants

From 2012 DSMT has been working with ECRC  on an exciting new project to improve facilities and provide teacher training at the Beit El Ikhlass Kindergarten, Aroura village, near Ramallah.  This community kindergarten is an important local resource and support for families with pre-school children.   The first phase was completed in December 2012.

“Aroura kindergarten and its 55 registered children have benefited from DSMT’s input.  The kindergarten was renovated and supplied and enriched with furniture, educational materials, books, games, puzzles and stationery.  Children, teachers and parents have enjoyed and appreciated the outcomes of this project … Through DSMT grant they all also have the opportunity to enjoy the new library that is established in the kindergarten”.


Second phase from March 2013

During 2013 the project has been extended to include three more kindergartens in neighbouring villages.

“Throughout the trip I was most impressed by the kindergartens.  They provided a place for children to play and socialise and grow up. Something that most Palestinians don’t get an opportunity to do at that age; the whole ethos of the kindergartens was fantastic because of the fact the whole community seemed to be involved. Mothers made up more of the staff than teachers. And everyone seemed very eager to be involved and proactive. It was easy to see how thankful they were for the DSMT contribution to their kindergartens. “ DSMT Visit September 2013

“It was clear that the funding had empowered these women to use their initiative and help themselves”. DSMT Visit  September 2013

DSMT is delighted to acknowledge the continued support of ABC International Bank toward this kindergarten project.

Photos: Top, new equipment provided in 2013. 2nd, play equipment. 3rd, storage and working area.