Case study 2

Zaina, from a large family in Jericho, started at the Vocational Training Centre in September 2009.

Her father sadly lost a hand as a result of a work injury and is no longer able to find work, so her eldest brother is now the sole bread winner.  He is only able to work intermittently and gets paid very little and his earnings do not meet all the basic needs of the family. Often they have to go without food, and cannot always afford to replace damaged clothes or pay school fees.

This led her mother to take up work as a cleaner in other people’s homes to be able to meet some of the family’s basic needs such as food.   Zaina decided that she too wanted to contribute to the family’s income and so applied to the Vocational Training Centre.

Her family is very supportive of her decision to study and to find work. “I am very happy to be at the YMCA’s Vocational Training Centre. At last I can look forward to learning a vocation and to be able to find work. I want to contribute to my family’s income and also to earn more money to put myself through university later on.”

When the time comes for Zaina to graduate, the YMCA will help her find a work placement and will also be there for her if she needs any technical support in the future.

These case studies give examples of young women students such as those the DSMT has been sponsoring since 2007 on vocational training programmes run through the East Jerusalem YMCA and the Vocational Training Centre, Jericho.

In accordance with Y Care International’s Protection of Vulnerable Young People’s Policy, all names of beneficiaries featured in these case studies have been changed.