Case study – Nisreen

Nisreen (19) lives with her nine family members in Jericho. Her family cannot afford to send any of their children, especially the girls, to university or college.

Nisreen joined the Vocational Training Centre to study Graphic Design. When she first joined she was very desperate and frustrated with herself and her family’s economic situation. She had low self-esteem and felt unable to prove herself in leading an independent life.

The time at the centre has helped her in many ways. Apart from the vocational skills in her chosen subject she has learned important life skills such as solving problems, communication, the right of choice and leadership. It has helped her accept reality and see the importance of her studies. Extracurricular activities have helped her to connect socially and develop her personality.

“The VTC has helped me a lot through providing intensive training and professional expertise. We get training that we could not get by entering university. I am able to develop my personality and build many friendships and social relations.”

These case studies give examples of young women students such as those the DSMT has been sponsoring since 2007 on vocational training programmes run through the East Jerusalem YMCA and the Vocational Training Centre, Jericho.

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*In accordance with Y Care International’s Protection of Vulnerable Young People’s Policy, all names of beneficiaries featured in these case studies have been changed.