Case study – Inas

My name is Inas and I am 18 years old.

I am from Aqbet Jaber Refugee camp. I joined the YMCA VTC/ office equipment maintenance section after I heard about it from my friends and other female students that have graduated from the centre.  My mother also encouraged me to join the centre.

Being a student at YMCA VTC is enabling me to find myself through studying a non-traditional vocation which will enable me to find a job after I graduate.

I need this chance to improve myself and help my family since I live in a poor family consisting of 5 females including my mother and my disabled sister.  5 years ago my father left the family and moved to Jordan and married another woman there.  Since then he has not been in contact or contributed to supporting our family. My mother works as a cleaner but her work is irregular and she is the only bread winner for the family.

All these bad circumstances pushed me to join the YMCA VTC. My only way to improve my family situation is to finish my current study and find work.

At the VTC we study a large variety of topics such as office equipment maintenance and computer maintenance which is very interesting for me especially taking the machines apart and reassembling them.  I also really enjoy the secretarial classes where I am learning skills like how to act at work and office tasks such as filing, answering phones, taking notes etc.

Life skills classes are very important for us at the personal level as they enable us know more about ourselves, building trust, and improving our communication skills.

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*In accordance with Y Care International’s Protection of Vulnerable Young People’s Policy, all names of beneficiaries featured in these case studies have been changed.