Closing DSMT

Messages of thanks from DSMT scholarship students

“I am really sad to hear that you have to close, I am sure your work has already helped hundreds of students like me, and I am so pleased and proud to be part of this great family!” Rawan

“Dear Angela, I hope you are doing fine, thank your for your message, and for the email I have received. It made me sad hearing that your charitable works are going to an end, but these 15 years were fruitful, productive and rose up many girls lives including me, it was my honor to be part of your grants.” Israa

“Hello Angela, thank you for texting me . I’m good and safe and I hope you are as well. I’m so sad for hearing that DSMT will be closing in 2021, I appreciate all the effort that DSMT put in to help many students continue their studies. and I’m very thankful and grateful for all the help and support you’ve been giving me in the last four years.”  Nour

Closing statement – view here