Current School Scholarships

The DSMT-Dar El Tifl School Scholarship Programme funds two-year school scholarships for girls to complete their schooling to age 18.

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All the girls on this 2016 video successfully completed their schooling and have now progressed to higher education. Two of them, Narmeen and Haneen were awarded DSMT HE scholarships in 2017.

New school scholarships with Dar El Tifel School from September 2018

The school’s need for support continues to grow. Most Arab Jerusalemite families live with permanent financial insecurity linked to the Occupation and resulting economic isolation, which adds to the many other day-to-day pressures on their lives. For around 25% of pupils at Dar El Tifl their future at the school is precarious without some external help, an increase since 2016.

From 2007 to 2015 the value of DSMT school scholarships stayed the same whilst costs for the school and families rose sharply. In 2016 we raised the value of a school scholarship from $6,000 to $10,000 to reflect current costs and to increase our support for the school. This covers all the living expenses and costs of keeping a girl at school for two years: including tuition, books, materials, equipment, uniform, travel to school, food, visits, extra curricular activities, plus a contribution to the school’s running costs (often in deficit).

Thank you to all our generous supporters for enabling us to increase the value of our contributions.

2018-20 school scholarship girls

Left to right: Razan, Rahaf, Nourina, Natal and Nadeen

DSMT is delighted to announce our latest school scholarship awards. This year the school has chosen to allocate DSMT’s annual contribution to support the education of five needy girls. Each girl has been awarded a scholarship to complete the last two years of her education at Dar Al Tifel School and take the national school leaving exams in 2020. Rahaf, Nourina and Natal will be studying in the Science Stream, whilst Razan and Nadeen have chosen the Literary/Humanities Stream.  We wish them all the very best for their studies and look forward to sharing their stories with our supporters.

2017-19 school scholarship girls

In 2017 DSMT funded an additional scholarship as a result of the generosity of people who supported Francesca’s very impressive London Marathon run.

Thank you everyone. Your contributions are making a real difference.

These four girls were awarded school scholarships in summer 2017 and have now completed 11th grade and successfully progressed to 12th grade. Congratulations to them all for the excellent grades they achieved.

aya-2017-19Aya is studying in the Scientific stream. She lives with her mother and grandmother. It is a financial struggle for them to keep her in school.

 “..Firstly, thank you for awarding me this DSMT Scholarship, I was so happy and thankful to have received this. I chose the scientific stream, because I love scientific subjects, especially biology. My hobbies are drawing cartoon characters, playing Badminton and swimming. I hope to be a doctor in the future and make my mother proud of me. I enjoy studying anatomy of organs and spending lots of time with my family……..Thank you again, with love and respect, Aya”

baraaBaraa is from a family of eleven where all children are still in education. Her mother is the parent who carries the responsibility of supporting them.   In summer 2017 Baraa was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  She is responding well to treatment and is continuing with her studies in the Literary stream.

“Thank you for choosing me to be one of the supported girls in Dar El Tifel El Arabi School. I appreciate that because it is an educational support which is the most important key that I could hold and use to open the doors of my life and future. I belong to a modest family which encourage and appreciate the educational process…. I like reading about religion and history, maybe because I think the most about people, and their interaction with themselves and the world…. I wish I could study psychology in the college to help people and try to solve their problems…Maybe this is because when I started with Hodgkin’s disease the psychologists in the hospital were the people who helped me accept the disease and work with it. They made me stronger and they brought me back to love life and have hope……with love and respect, Baraa”

monaMuna is studying in the Literary stream.  Her father died some years ago and her mother struggles to support the family.

“I would like to thank you for your message it was nice reading it .I will introduce myself so you can know me better . … I love playing Basketball this is one of my favorite sports. My favorite subject is English . I think that I like English a lot , religion also one of my favorite subjects. I’m interested about knowing something new . I think that I can depend on myself and my self confidence helps me to be independent …Thank you, Muna”

layanLayan is in the Scientific stream. Her father died five years ago.  One of her sisters is studying at university on a DSMT HE partial scholarship, and another is at Dar El Tifl School.

…. “I’m writing to thank you for your scholarship. I was very happy and appreciative to know that I was selected as a recipient of your scholarship. I’m studying in the science stream, my favorite subject is chemistry , I’m interested in sports in general and my ambition is to get a high degree and study pharmacy in the future and be successful , my mom doesn’t work and my dad passed away 5 years ago and I’ve got two brothers and two sisters. …So awarding me this scholarship was so helpful and I hope one day I’ll be able to help students just as you’ve helped me. Thank you, Layan”

2016-18 school scholarship girls


(L-R) Lana, Tala and Rawan were awarded school scholarships this summer and are now in 11th grade.


Lana, Tala and Rawan were awarded school scholarships in 2016. Each girl achieved excellent school grades and successfully graduated from the school in summer 2018.  At the time of writing they are waiting for their Tawjihi results and plan to apply for higher education for September 2018.


Lana (L) and Rawan (R) speaking to DSMT visitors about their film making experience, April 2017

View Lana and Rawan’s presentation

In 2016-17 Lana and Rawan took part in a joint film project called ‘Reel Stories’ with girls from a school in Dearborn, Michigan, the home of the Arab American National Museum.  The project was funded by the US State Department and included exchange visits. The Dar El Tifl al Arabi campus is home to the Palestinian Heritage Museum as well as the school.

Lana, is a very able girl from a large family, all still in education.  She is in the Scientific  stream and her 11th grade average was 89.5.

… “Then in May I travelled to the US on the Reel Stories project. ….we visited many museums such as Arab American National museum, Charles H. Wright Museum, Motown Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts Museum and Henry Ford Museum, ….In June I obtained a certificate of photography and directing from Reel stories project and finally in July I ranked first in Jerusalem writing a thought about the Palestinian prisoner and I was honored by the Palestinian Minister of Education. …… The last year of my school started a good start and I hope it ends well with a good results. Thanks for supporting me and I am Grateful for what you are doing.” Lana, 13/9/17

Rawan’s family live the Old City.  Described as an ‘exceptional’ student, her 11th grade average in the Science stream was 98.4.   She also visited the US on the Reel Stories project and went again on a different project later in summer 2017.

“Dear DSMT. Hope you are doing well and that you had enjoyed your visit to Palestine. I am really motivated to start my final year at Dar El Tifel El Arabi. I have been really busy during the last 4 months, but I am trying to turn my focus on Tawjihii now … After finishing 11th grade I was chosen to be part of the Bridge Palestine Youth to attend a summer camp in Georgia USA. I was able to get a full scholarship, one of 23 out of 200 students applying.I  spent my July in the University of Georgia (UNG).  The summer camp allowed me to experience not only travelling butt being completely independent for a whole month.  It was an opportunity to improve my English, meet new cultures and make new friends … Glad that you are always there to listen to my new experiences. Your grateful student. Rawan, 13/9/17

Tala lives in a single parent household and is studying in the Literary Stream where her 11th grade average was 86.4.  She would like to go to university if possible and then perhaps work in banking.

 “I write for you to update you about the second semester. It was  wonderful. I gave my best and i got great marks. I hope you liked it  … Before we finished school, I went on a school trip to Tiberias and we rode the boats. It was a nice and enjoyable trip. I enjoyed a lot with my friends. After that, the final exams started.  It was a very long period but I got a good result .  I did not do much this summer. I got ready for my last semester at school. I hope it will be an enjoyable year and I will make my best and hope to get high results. I hope to hear from you soon and see you soon. With lots of love.” Tala, 13/9/17

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