Current School Scholarships

The DSMT-Dar El Tifl School Scholarship Programme funds two-year school scholarships for girls to complete their schooling to age 18.

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All the girls on this 2016 video successfully completed their schooling and have now progressed to higher education. Two of them, Narmeen and Haneen were awarded DSMT HE scholarships in 2017.

New school scholarships with Dar El Tifel School from September 2018

The school’s need for support continues to grow. Most Arab Jerusalemite families live with permanent financial insecurity linked to the Occupation and resulting economic isolation, which adds to the many other day-to-day pressures on their lives. For around 25% of pupils at Dar El Tifl their future at the school is precarious without some external help, an increase since 2016.

From 2007 to 2015 the value of DSMT school scholarships stayed the same whilst costs for the school and families rose sharply. In 2016 we raised the value of a school scholarship from $6,000 to $10,000 to reflect current costs and to increase our support for the school. This covers all the living expenses and costs of keeping a girl at school for two years: including tuition, books, materials, equipment, uniform, travel to school, food, visits, extra curricular activities, plus a contribution to the school’s running costs (often in deficit).

Thank you to all our generous supporters for enabling us to increase the value of our contributions.

2018-20 school scholarship girls

DSMT is delighted to announce our latest school scholarship awards. This year the school has chosen to allocate DSMT’s annual contribution to support the education of five needy girls. Each girl has been awarded a scholarship to complete the last two years of her education at Dar Al Tifel School and take the national school leaving exams in 2020. Rahaf, Nourina and Natal will be studying in the Science Stream, whilst Razan and Nadeen have chosen the Literary/Humanities Stream.  We wish them all the very best for their studies and look forward to sharing their stories with our supporters.

razan-2018-20Razan: “My  first day  in the school was very good and I  spent a lot of time with my friends, the new teachers are very  kind.  My favourite subject is history and biology , so  in the future I hope to be a teacher or something similar. When I have time I love swimming and reading books….”



rahafRahaf: ….”It was a very kind letter from you and I am so grateful to be accepted.  It will be a nice scholarship and I hope it will motivate me to be better. I am a new student in Dar Al Tifel Al Arabi School as I only joined last year. At first I thought how I can make friends and will my average be worst . Yes I was afraid but to be honest it was an interesting experience.  The biggest supporter to me was my family. We are a big family.  I have four sisters younger than me…….”

nourinaNourina: …”Thank you for accepting me in this project.  I will do my best to get high marks in my studies. I am really thankful to be chosen to get this scholarship, it will encourage me to improve my study, help me stay in my favorite school and help my father cover the fees of my study. I have many dreams, I want to travel to a lot of countries and make many friendships there. Also, I want to get a lot of money to help my family and other people to live a better life….”

natalNatal: “I will begin my letter showing you how I am thankful and very happy for giving me this scholarship ….because now I can stay at dar al tifel el arabi school which I really love and it is such a beautiful school…. My favourite subjects are math , biology and English and I also find myself learning more about countries  and cultures.  In addition  I am having a nice voice in singing and my school elected me to go to Morocco [to sing] in 2017 and it was a very nice trip ….” 

nadeenNadeen: “I am so happy to be accepted in this school scholarship because that give me motivation to be better and I know that if I am accepted in DSMT school scholarship that means that there is someone who believes that I can be better at my school. About my family I have big sister and brother and little brother. I cant believe that on Sunday I will enrol in drawing classes to better at drawing its like my second dream coming to real. At the end I am so lucky to be with DSMT and I hope you will come to Jerusalem to see you…”

2017-19 school scholarship girls

In 2017 DSMT funded an additional scholarship as a result of the generosity of people who supported Francesca’s very impressive London Marathon run.

Thank you everyone. Your contributions are making a real difference.

These four girls were awarded school scholarships in summer 2017 and have now completed 11th grade and successfully progressed to 12th grade. Congratulations to them all for the excellent grades they achieved.

aya-2017-19Aya is studying in the Scientific stream. She lives with her mother and grandmother. It is a financial struggle for them to keep her in school.

“I was very happy to meet you during your visit in April and speak with you about my ambitions. This year I must study hard to succeed and study where and what I want. I want to study medicine at Al-quds University and my ambition is to achieve my dream to be a successful doctor and make my mother proud of me…..”

baraaBaraa is from a family of eleven where all children are still in education. Her mother is the parent who carries the responsibility of supporting them.   In summer 2017 Baraa was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  She is responding well to treatment and is continuing with her studies in the Literary stream.

“Thank you for supporting me to complete the 11th grade .  And this year in 12th grade I will be good in all exams , to complete my education  after the school in the university ( Bethlehem University).  I hope it will be a good experience in this year and I will challenge everything to complete. Then I will study psychologist to work in the hospital , if I have a good marks in the 12th grade .  I hope to see you again later ! ….

monaMuna is studying in the Literary stream.  Her father died some years ago and her mother struggles to support the family.

“I would like to thank you for your message ,I really appreciate it…. It was nice meeting you too.  I hope that this year will be a special one especially that it is the last year at school. I know that I have to work hard to be an important person at future and I am working for this. As I mentioned before I am working to become a lawyer in the future. I also like Basketball it is my favorite sport….”

layanLayan is in the Scientific stream. Her father died five years ago.  One of her sisters is studying at university on a DSMT HE partial scholarship, and another is at Dar El Tifl School.

…”I’m Layan from the scientific stream.  I’ve enjoyed the past year so much and I hope this year I’ll work so hard and get better marks so I can study pharmacy as I’ve told you before. It was a pleasure meeting you  and I hope you will come and visit us this year too , I’ll surely take a look at the website and see what you’ve posted  Thank you for your support and I’ll make sure that I’ll keep in touch with DSMT through the coming year….”

2016-18 school scholarship girls


(L-R) Lana, Tala and Rawan were awarded school scholarships in 2016 and successfully graduated from school in summer 2018.


All three girls achieved really impressive marks in their tawjihi examinations and have progressed to higher education.

lana-copyLana, is a very able girl from a large family, all still in education.  She graduated from the Scientific stream in 2018 with a tawjihi mark of 93.4 and is now studying Dentistry at Al Quds University.

“…I will send a recent photo in my university and write how I am getting on with my dentistry course as soon as possible” October 18


rawan-copyRawan: Rawan’s family live the Old City and have several children still in education, including Rawan’s twin sister.  Described as an ‘exceptional’ student, her 11th and 12th grade school marks were truly excellent and in summer 2018 she passed her tawjihi exams with a staggering mark of 99, the highest result of all DSMT school students over the last twelve years.  She is now studying Computer Engineering at Birzeit University and has been awarded a DSMT Higher Education scholarship.

“ I have really enjoyed my holiday and have done an experience that helped me believe that Computer Engineering will suit me.   I have participated in the Techno Youth Camp. It was mainly about online marketing and programming websites. We had 9 different computer engineers to tell us about their experiences and to teach us some of the basics …..”


Tala lives in a single parent household. .At the start of 11th grade she was uncertain about whether she wanted to go on to higher education. She worked very hard through 11th and 12th grade and was rewarded with a mark of 90 in the tawjihi exams.  She is now studying Nursing at Al Maqased Hospital .

 “Thank you so much for your congratulation on my success in Tawjihi. It was a very difficult time but I managed to pass it and did my best and the results were satisfactory.  l hope that my result impressed you…”

Congratulations to all three girls on their splendid achievements! We wish them all the best for the future.


Lana (L) and Rawan (R) speaking to DSMT visitors about their film making experience, April 2017

View Lana and Rawan’s presentation

In 2016-17 Lana and Rawan took part in a joint film project called ‘Reel Stories’ with girls from a school in Dearborn, Michigan, the home of the Arab American National Museum.  The project was funded by the US State Department and included exchange visits. The Dar El Tifl al Arabi campus is home to the Palestinian Heritage Museum as well as the school.

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