Current School Scholarships

The DSMT-Dar Al Tifl School Scholarship Programme funds two-year school scholarships for girls to complete their schooling to age 18.

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All the girls on this 2016 video successfully completed their schooling and have now progressed. Two of them, Narmeen and Haneen were awarded DSMT HE scholarships in 2017. You can read about their progress since then in the Higher Education section.

New school scholarships with Dar Al Tifl School from September 2020

Since 2016 DSMT has given an annual grant of $30,000 to cover the costs of school scholarships.  The school has some freedom to decide how many girls should be awarded DSMT scholarships each year.  These cover costs of keeping a girl at school for two years: including tuition fees, books, materials, equipment, uniform, travel to school, food, visits, extra curricular activities, plus a contribution to the school’s running costs (often in deficit).

Thank you to all our generous supporters for enabling us to increase the value of our contributions.

2020-22 school scholarship girls

DSMT is pleased to announce our latest school scholarship awards. This year the Dar Al Tifl School (DTA) has chosen to allocate DSMT’s annual contribution to support the education of six girls in need, reflecting the economic pressures on more families because of COVID-19. Each girl has been awarded a scholarship to complete the last two years of her education and will take the national school leaving exams in May 2022.  The six girls are: Hayat, Basmaleh, Mayar and Douha, all in the Scientific stream and Ziena and Sadeen in the Humanities stream.

All the girls have excellent school records both academically and as all-round members of the school community.  Their family circumstances reflect those of many earlier scholarship girls, with unemployment, illness, loss of a parent, several siblings still in education, insecure housing all featuring.

In December 2020 the school sent us CVs and letters from the girls, which show how they are managing the effects of the pandemic, and the importance of their DSMT scholarships to them.

“…My favorite subjects in school are physics and biology. In my free time I try to learn new things, and my hobbies are swimming and reading… My ambition is to be accepted in a high-prestigious university and become a successful engineer. To expand my knowledge in different subjects in life, and to learn important life lessons. In 2020 I am currently working on a Bioplastic project. I graduated from the English Access Microscholarship Program class. I took the SAT preparation course and participated in two educational workshops with Google and Injaz…” Hayat

“Before I start introducing myself and what I like to do,  I just want to say that  I am so glad and grateful that you gave me this scholarship and your trust , and I hope to be like what you imagine …… in the future I am seriously thinking about studying medicine abroad ,, but until that happens I am working to get some certificates that  I neednlike SAT and TOEFL, improving my English…..” Basmala

“I have earned many school certificates all in 90s average, and I have  a passion for many subjects in school like: science and math…. My aim is to acquire more information on different subjects and obtain a possibility of entering high-prestigious colleges.” Mayar

“It is an honor to be chosen for the educational scholarship. Thanks to your generous support, I am the first in my family to achieve this… I strive to achieve my goals and ambitions, and I hope to study the laboratory specialty and obtain higher degrees , on the other hand one of the challenges I face that I need financial support to achieve my goal… I would like once again to express my thanks and respect to you for this scholarship. In these circumstances that we are going through this scholarship came in a timely manner. We thank you for your efforts.” Duha

“I would like to thank you for this scholarship award that will cover my fees and expenses for me to complete 11th and 12th grade at Dar Al Tifel Al Arabi.   In previous years  I joined a basketball team… I got a certificate and a medal… In 2018 My school nominated me to travel to Morocco and I recited poetry there. In 2019 I joined a summer camp and I was a distinguished coach in it, and I obtained a certificate from it. Despite all the difficulties this year I participated in an educational workshop with Google and Injaz.  I really feel lucky and so happy to be granted in this scholarship from DSMT.”  Zeina

“I live in Jerusalem Old City and I study in 11th grade. Before these difficulties I participated in a first aid course, a critical thinking and emotional intelligence program provided by AL-NAYZAK, an English course level 3 in EMEDEAST and I was in the English club in my school.  I won in a competition to memorize parts of the QURAN. I participated to camp in SPAFFORD to strengthen ownself and learn how to behave with community groups. MESSAGE OF THANKS: I offer you the most beautiful expression of thanks, and gratitude from a heart filled with love, respect, and appreciation to you.” Sadeen

Extra scholarships for 2020-22 students

December 2020: In view of the pressure of the pandemic on Dar Al Tifl school, DSMT is reallocating its final grant of $30,000 to fund more scholarships in 2020-22 rather than in 2021-23.  These are over and above the six scholarships already awarded this year. They will prevent girls being asked to leave the school whose parents cannot afford to pay the fees and expenses of keeping their daughters in education. As a result of these scholarships another six girls will stay in school. They are Sereen, Siwar, Rudaina, Samar, Asma and Nourhan.  Special thanks go to The Jane Gibson Trust for helping to make this possible through their very generous donation to DSMT in 2019.

L-R: Sereen, Siwar, Rudaina, Samar, Asma and Nourhan


2019-21 school scholarship girls

These girls completed their 11th grade in summer 2020 in the shadow of the pandemic. Their education was disrupted when all schools in the region closed in March 2020. Dar Al Tifl managed to provide some limited online teaching, and end of year grades and progression to 12th grade were based on first semester marks.  “The certificates are based on first semester marks and they were promoted automatically by decision of the Palestinian Education Ministry.” In December 2020 we received letters from the girls explaining how their education is progressing during the pandemic.

Sanabel is in the Science stream: At the moment she is interested in studying for a degree maybe in political science, international affairs, chemistry or psychology and would like to continue to a higher degree.

Two months ago, me and my family were infected in corona-virus, but we passed it together and we feel better now. I am worried about my final exams, but I will make effort to pass them as I have an aim, and I am striving to reach it. In the same time my results are good, and that gives me motivation to keep going.” May 2020

AseelAseel is from a large family of 8 and she is studying in the Scientific stream:

I am super grateful that my journey at ‘Dar Al Tifl El-Arabi School’ has started since I was 3 years old.  Now I am working hard to make my dream of studying ‘cognitive science’ at the best universities come true. Pandemic had a huge effect on the social and academic sides. We woke up to find that the education system has changed… The school administration, teachers, and students had to learn how to deal with the situation smartly. Stopping and just blaming the hard time was not the solution, instead, we had to develop our technical skills and take advantage of the resources we have so we can move on with the educational journey…” May 2019

HaneenHaneen is also from a large family. She is studying in the Literary stream:

I am a cheerful person and social, and my favourite subjects are History and Arabic and I like playing football, basketball… and I want to study special education. I am in the 12’th grade now, actually I was very excited to reach this point in my life, and become a senior, but unfortunately conditions have been really different and difficult lately… At some point using the internet to learn became difficult, in addition to the bad internet connection here and the lack of laptops. But luckily, I started feeling a bit better because of the teachers in my school “Dar el Tifl al Arabi”, they put so much effort to make sure we understand everything, also the school gave laptops to students who needed it. They try hard to make sure we are comfortable as much as possible despite the pandemic.”  May 2019

AyaAya is studying in the Scientific stream:..

My aim in the future is to help people who need, and I look forward to be an Engineer or Pharmacist. I love Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry material. The online education is good too, but it was very difficult in the beginning where my academic level declined a little bit.  I still face problems with the internet and taking exams, and I hand over my homework late because I don’t have a personal laptop. Thanks a lot for everything…” May 2019

NadeenNadeen is also studying in the Scientific stream:

” I love my school and feel proud to study there and feel comfortable in it. I want to be a design engineer in the future because I love drawing and arranging furniture… I am so sad because this year I had the last chance to spend time with my friends and teachers but this did not happen because of the pandemic and as a result as we have to keep learning we had to complete distance learning away from the school.  Distance learning is more difficult than encounter learning which affects our sight and causes back and head pain but we bear in spite of that and our teachers make the utmost effort to simplify this process for us so we try as much as possible…” May 2019

2018-20 school scholarship girls

Normally these girls would have celebrated the end of 12th grade at the annual school graduation ceremony but of course this didn’t take place this year.  However, they were able to take the Tawjihi, the school leaving exams, and grades were published in the normal way.   The DSMT girls did very well with all grades in the 80s or 90s.

With the school closed we haven’t been able to have our usual correspondence with them this summer but in September we received their exam results and exit routes as you can see below.

razan-2018-20Razan: “This scholarship has motivated me to develop myself, so I participated in the English course, and I visited the elderly home, it was beautiful, and I decided to join the photograph course but it did not happen because I was busy studying my exams. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity …”. June 2019. Razan achieved an amazing Tawjihi grade of 96.4 in the Humanities stream and is taking a course at the Hebrew University, to prepare to study for a degree next year.

rahafRahaf: “We had a lot of occasions at the school like the Sport Day.  I have a lot of memories.  I was the presenter.  Indeed I was afraid but I wanted to experience something new.  I still hold my dream to become a doctor. Really thankful for your support…”  June 2019.

Rahaf’s score of 95.3 in the Science Tawjihi was equally impressive.  She is now studying Nursing at Bethlehem University.

nourinaNourina: “I would like to inform you gladly that I ended my 11th grade 2nd semester and that means I am ready for my final school year…I noticed a positive change in my marks in the first half of this semester especially math and I hope to improve more before I have my end of year exams… I really appreciate your help and what you have done for me…” May 2019. Nourina achieved a high score of 93.0 in the Science stream and is taking a preparatory course at the Hebrew University prior to a degree.

natalNatal: thank you because your help took big and heavy weight off the shoulders of my father and mother especially my father because since two years he got health problems that made him to change his work.  My plans for the next year is studying hard for the senior class which is the last year of the school and this year I will decide what to study….”  May 2019.  Natal achieved 88.1 in the Science Tawjihi and is now studying Nursing at Bethlehem University.

nadeenNadeen: “I am working to make my dream real to be the best fashion designer and I hope one day I can study in Italy..I want to express my gratitude to be DSMT student for a 2018-19 year.” May 2019.  Nadeen achieved 81.9 in the Humanities stream and is taking a course at Beit Salil College to prepare for studying for a degree next year.


Israa (left) with English tutor Ahlam

Israa: Another Dar Al Tifl School girl completed her school education in summer 2020. The younger sister of former sponsored HE student (Haya graduated 2017) Israa had her school fees from 8th grade paid by the same sponsor, who wished to offer further help to this struggling family. This generosity enabled Israa to stay in school to age 18 and take the tawjihi examinations. Another donor helped to provide extra English tuition for her. She is now studying Nursing in Jerusalem. Well done Israa!

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