Current School Scholarships

The DSMT-Dar Al Tifl School Scholarship Programme funds two-year school scholarships for girls to complete their schooling to age 18.

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All the girls on this 2016 video successfully completed their schooling and have now progressed to higher education. Two of them, Narmeen and Haneen were awarded DSMT HE scholarships in 2017. You can read about their progress since then in the Higher Education section.

New school scholarships with Dar Al Tifl School from September 2019

The school’s need for support continues to grow. Most Arab Jerusalemite families live with permanent financial insecurity linked to the Occupation and resulting economic isolation, which adds to the many other day-to-day pressures on their lives. For around 25% of pupils at Dar Al Tifl their future at the school is precarious without some external help.

In 2016 we raised the value of a school scholarship from $6,000 to $10,000 to reflect current costs and to increase our support for the school. This covers all the living expenses and costs of keeping a girl at school for two years: including tuition, books, materials, equipment, uniform, travel to school, food, visits, extra curricular activities, plus a contribution to the school’s running costs (often in deficit).

Thank you to all our generous supporters for enabling us to increase the value of our contributions.

2019-21 school scholarship girls

DSMT is pleased to announce our latest school scholarship awards. Once again this year the Dar Al Tifl School (DTA) has chosen to allocate DSMT’s annual contribution to support the education of five girls in economic need. Each girl has been awarded a scholarship to complete the last two years of her education at DTA and will take the national school leaving exams, Tawjihis, in May 2021.  The five girls are: Dalia, Aseel, Haneen, Aya and Nadeen. We would like to wish them all the best for the next two years and look forward to sharing their stories.

DaliaDalia is studying in the Literary stream and is a boarding student at Dar Al Tifl School: “I am 16 years old… my dream of being a lawyer has been growing with me for several years. Defending people and standing with the right always gives me the power to work hard and hard until I reach my dream. I have participated in many activities at my school such as the health committee, we have visited different places to learn more about health issues and diseases. As well, we started a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer.”  Dalia, May 2019

AseelAseel is from a large family of 8 and she is studying in the Scientific stream: “I am super grateful that my journey at ‘Dar Al Tifl El-Arabi School’ has started since I was 3 years old.  I have always been proud of it because it helps us individually to discover our unique hidden parts. Now I am working hard to make my dream of studying ‘cognitive science’ at the best universities come true. …so I am planning to study it and then return to my country to teach it...” Aseel, May 2019

HaneenHaneen is also from a large family. She is studying in the Literary stream: “I am a cheerful person and social, and my favourite subjects are History and Arabic and I like playing football, basketball… and I want to study special education.. And also I joined and volunteered in extracurricular activities like joining in Horizons, and Youth Jerusalem Volunteer, and I travel to Morocco to represent my country Palestine.” Haneen, May 2019


AyaAya is studying in the Scientific stream:.. “my aim in the future is to help people who need, and I look forward to be an Engineer or Pharmacist. I love Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry material. I participated in many courses in and out of school like reading competition, Rubic, drum, electronics… I volunteered at English and Scouts camps.” Aya, May 2019


NadeenNadeen is also studying in the Scientific stream: ” I entered Dar al-tifl el-Arabi school in the 5th grade in 2013. I love my school and feel proud to study there and feel comfortable in it.  I joined a health committee and we visited schools for the disabled and homes for the elderly.. I  want to be a design engineer in the future because I love drawing and arranging furniture.”  Nadeen, May 2019

2018-20 school scholarship girls

The five girls below were awarded scholarships in 2018. They have all now successfully completed  the 11th grade with very good results and progressed to the 12th grade in September 2019.  We would like to wish them all the best for their final year at Dar Al Tifl and for the Tawjihi national exams next summer.

razan-2018-20Razan: “This scholarship has motivated me to develop myself, so I participated in the English course, and I visited the elderly home, it was beautiful, and I decided to join the photograph course but it did not happen because I was busy studying my exams.  Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to be with you in this project”. June 2019


rahafRahaf: “We had a lot of occasions at the school like the Sport Day.  I have a lot of memories.  I was the presenter.  Indeed I was afraid but I wanted to experience something new.  I still hold my dream to become a doctor. Really thankful for your support…”  June 2019



nourinaNourina: “First I would like to inform you gladly that I ended my 11th grade second semester and that means I am ready for my final school year…about my grades I noticed a positive change in my marks in the first half of this semester especially math and I hope to improve more before I have my end of year exams…I want you to know that I really appreciate your help and what you have done for me in this wonderful year.”  May 2019


natalNatal: thank you because your help took big and heavy weight off the shoulders of my father and mother especially my father because since two years he got health problems that made him to change his work.  My plans for the next year is studying hard for the senior class which is the last year of the school and this year I will decide what to study….”  May 2019


nadeenNadeen: “I am working to make my dream real to be the best fashion designer and I hope one day I can study in Italy..I want to express my gratitude to be DSMT student for a 2018-19 year.” May 2019



2017-19 school scholarship girls

In 2017 DSMT funded an additional scholarship as a result of the generosity of people who supported Francesca’s very impressive London Marathon run.

Thank you everyone. Your contributions have made a real difference to the lives of these girls.

All four girls who received scholarships in 2017: Aya, Bara’a, Muna and Layan, did extremely well in their Tawjihi exams last summer and they have all continued onto higher education.  We understand that Bara’a, Layan and Muna are taking a preparatory year at the Hebrew University  on scholarships before commencing their degree courses.  Aya has been accepted to study medicine at Al-Quds.  We wish them well in their chosen exit routes.

aya-2017-19Aya: “I want to thank you for the scholarship you have given me.  It helped me to continue in my high level in school….I must get a high level to study medicine in Al-Quds university… I am lucky that I have knew and met you”.  Aya achieved the grades she needed with an amazing Tawjihi score of 97.4



baraaBaraa: Despite having being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma two years earlier, Bara’a managed to complete her studies and graduate with a Tawjihi result of 87.3.  She says: “I want to thank you for supporting me .. to pass my last year in school”.



monaMuna:  “I would like to thank you for the chance you have given me.  My school results were very good and I am satisfied…  I am not sure if I want to study law or translation yet…I really think that this scholarship will help me a lot for the future.” Muna exceeded her own hopes with a brilliant Tawjihi score of 95.7


layanLayan: “I am writing to thank you for the scholarship. You gave me such a great opportunity to study in an excellent school and I really appreciate it a lot… I hope one day I will be able to help students just as you have helped me”.  After her preparatory year at the Hebrew University, Layan hopes to study Pharmacy. With her Tawjihi score of 90.1 she should secure a place.


Congratulations to the four girls on their brilliant achievements! We wish them all the best for the future.

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