Current School Scholarships

The DSMT-Dar Al Tifl School Scholarship Programme funds two-year school scholarships for girls to complete their schooling to age 18.

2020-22 school scholarship girls

In view of the extensive hardship caused by the pandemic, the school decided to allocate DSMT’s annual contributions for 2020 and 2021 more widely than usual, to a total of twelve girls, to ease the pressures on more families and enable them to keep their daughters in school to age eighteen. 

All the girls have excellent school records both academically and as all-round members of the school community.  Their family circumstances reflect those of many earlier scholarship girls, made worse by the widespread effects of the pandemic on an already fragile economy.

Duha and Samar’s letters below give a flavour of the girls’ circumstances.

“It is an honor to be chosen for the educational scholarship. Thanks to your generous support, I am the first in my family to achieve this… I strive to achieve my goals and ambitions, and I hope to study the laboratory specialty and obtain higher degrees , on the other hand one of the challenges I face that I need financial support to achieve my goal… I would like once again to express my thanks and respect to you for this scholarship. In these circumstances that we are going through this scholarship came in a timely manner. We thank you for your efforts.” Duha

““….I thank you for this scholarship….Our financial condition may be unacceptable because my father has not worked since March because he is a taxi driver in the tourism sector and the reason for stopping his work is the Corona crisis and the state closures, so our source of income is very little because we are at home 7 individuals.”  Samar

The twelve 2020-22 scholarship girls, at the end of 11th grade, summer 2021



2019-21 school scholarship girls

Congratulations are certainly due to these five girls who graduated from school in summer 2021 with very impressive Tawjihi results, despite the many difficulties they experienced as a result of corona virus.  Well done to their teachers who provided online teaching and supported the girls when they had problems with access to the internet and online learning.

“We have been in quarantine and started taking online classes via Zoom. Using the internet to learn became difficult with the bad internet connection here and the lack of laptops. But I started feeling a bit better because of the teachers in my school “Dar el Tifl al Arabi”, they put so much effort to make sure we understand everything, also the school gave laptops to students who needed it. They tried hard to make sure we are comfortable as much as possible despite the pandemic.”  Haneen, Summer 2021

All five girls achieved over 90% scores in the Tawjihi examinations.

Sanabel: “Tomorrow I am graduating after 14 years from my school Dar el-Tifl, the results of tawjihi exams are at the third of august, then I am going to join Birzeit university to study Civil Engineering. Thank you for supporting me, and I hope to meet you one day”

Aseel: is now living  in New York with an aunt and has a scholarship to study Computer Science.

This year has been very tough but at the same time a fruitful one…The most important lesson gifted me is: “gratitude”. I have known the value of everything I have in my life. The things I used to take for granted, I started seeing them as privilege). …I deeply thank you for your support and feel very honored to be gifted this scholarship.

Haneen (top) and Nadeen (bottom): are both taking a preparatory year’s course at the Hebrew University and hope to study for their degrees there next year.

I want to inform you that we have passed the 12th grade with the difficulties we faced, as e-learning was difficult and uncomfortable compared to face to face education….” Nadeen


Aya: is at Al Quds University studying Medicine

Tomorrow I will graduate, it is really hard to think that you won’t see your second home the next year , you’ll not going to sit behind the desks with your dear friends . …Thus, my first journey ended, and now it will begin a new journey full of new adventures, new challenges, and a lot of things.”

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