Headteacher feedback

I began to enter the expressive arts activities in the daily and annual children’s program in My KG.

The activities that we have taken made the relationship stronger between the children and their teacher and between the children and their mothers.

At first the mothers felt shame, but then with the group and with what activity requires they felt that childhood inside them just started.

I have conducted a course of expressive arts for 15 parents and after they enjoyed and benefited from this course they asked me to do another course of expressive arts for another group of new mothers at the camp and I will do it.

We have learned new modern methods and techniques.

How to produce educational games and toys for children are something new for us.  This experience will sustain us for ever.

When I come from the training seminar my husband wants me to tell him what I have learned and we discuss it together and about our own children.

Parents have noticed positive changes after we got involved in the training and many are enthusiastic now to be part of teacher-parent cooperation.

We have learned that training is on going process; thus we should always seek for similar opportunities like this one.

I want to start my own kindergarten using all I have learnt from my training.

I wish that the programme will continue as it brings us many benefits and we know things are done in other places now.

“It was very humbling to see the enthusiasm of the head teachers as they attended their final training session on use of the creative arts with young children, provided by the DSMT. For them the experience took their work into a completely new dimension.”
DSMT Chair of Board, April 2010