Entrepreneur and Vocational skills








Entrepreneurship and skills training in Palestine and Lebanon

Knowing the value of vocational training to improve young women’s confidence, skills and workplace readiness, DSMT contributed to a large on-going project run by Christian Aid through local partners to improve the employment prospects of marginalised young Palestinian women living in refugee camps in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Lebanon. The training aimed to increase women’s skills and confidence to be able to earn their living and support themselves and their families.

Young women have gained employment in a range of areas as well as some setting up their own businesses, for example in insurance, catering for festivals, fitness gyms, hairdressing and graphic design.

Maha CA 1Maha Hamdan was able to secure a job in wedding photography paying $400 a month thanks to the photography course provided by Association Najdeh.

Maha is 16 years old and lives with her family of seven. After her father suffered multiple heart attacks and could no longer work, Maha had to leave school as her family could not afford the fees. Maha heard about Najdeh’s training courses and approached them to see if she could enrol to improve her and her family’s situation. She says: “when I enrolled in this course, my personality started to change; I became more self-confident and [able to] bear responsibility.”

With her new qualification, she was able to secure job training at Seif El Mir Photography Studio in Jabal el Beddawi for one month. After her training, the employer offered her a paid job with a monthly salary of $400.

Maha says “By my salary I started to secure my family’s needs and my father’s medicines and this makes me proud since I now have a valuable position in the society.”

“I am trying now to develop my skills. I film wedding events and do montage and Photoshop for films and photos.   Thank you for giving me this opportunity which helped me in changing my life totally and I am persisting now in developing my skills and abilities. In the future if I have the opportunity I would like to continue my education.”

We are extremely grateful for the support the Trustees have shown for this important work. We wish you the very best of luck with your scholarship programmes. (From Christian Aid report to DSMT September 2015)