GSSS School

Good Shepherd Swedish School, Bethlehem

GSSSGSSS science 2

In 2008 DSMT provided the school with a science work bench so girls can take part in practical science lessons and in 2011 up to date IT equipment for use in classrooms and the school library. This second grant was in memory of the late Mrs Samira Hassassian, wife of the Palestinian representative in London Professor Manuel Hassassinan. Samira was a former pupil of this school and was a good friend to the DSMT.    

”In our school we are developing everything to make school more informative and more educational in a modern way. Recently the school bought some new equipment such as TV, VCR, computer and a large screen for the projector to present some subjects in English and Technology in an entertaining way so the students will enjoy lessons and be motivated to study well, so these things improve our knowledge…I would like to thank you for your generous support…”

Shadin Abu Zulaf, 9th grade