Higher Education Scholarships

The DSMT-Dar Al Tifl Higher Education scholarship Programme funds higher education scholarships for former pupils of the school to study at Palestinian universities.

Between 2007 and 2018, the DSMT Higher Education Scholarship Programme has awarded eleven full and four partial scholarships (one semester rather than two each year), by competitive application, to able but disadvantaged girls.  Twelve girls have now successfully graduated and three are still at university. Without scholarships these able and committed girls might otherwise have been unable to take advantage of a university education and all the opportunities this offers.

See examples of Higher Education Reports and application Guidance Notes.

Higher Education 2020-21

Despite the significant disruption caused by COVID in 2020 and 2021, the three DSMT HE students due to graduate in summer 2021 have now done so.

New graduates in 2020-21  

Congratulations to DSMT’s newest graduates

Nour – 2016 HE scholarship student

Nour graduated in summer 2021 from her five-year course in Architecture at An Najah University

My five-year journey at An Najah university has come to an end and now I am officially an architectural engineering graduate from one of the most prestigious universities in Palestine. …I have learned many things besides architecture… forming many professional and personal relationships with people from diverse backgrounds…I learned to be independent and responsible as I left my family’s home for a new city…Without the appreciated support DSMT has given me I couldn’t have any of these experiences and knowledge so I am honoured to have the privilege to be one of DSMT’s students and thankful for the generous support I had over the last five years…”

Haneen – 2017 HE scholarship student (partial award)

Haneen graduated in Primary Education from Bethlehem University after a difficult 18 months when students had to conduct their teaching practice through the Google Meet app. However in November 2021 we heard this excellent news from her.

I’m very pleased to write about my news after the graduation, things are going well. I am spending very happy days, because I got a job as a teacher in my previous school, Dar Al-Tifl Al-Arabi (DTA).! When I heard that the school needs a mathematic teacher for the basic level students, I applied for them, and luckily, I passed the job interview successfully. Now I’m a teacher for first, second, and third grades, I love my work so much …  I’m so proud to be one of wonderful staff of DTA. Also I hope to be very merciful person to my students and a good teacher exactly as you…. Many thanks for you and DSMT staff for everything you have given to me for free, and being by my side in the hard times….. I can’t describe how much I appreciate and respect you …..Best wishes for the best DSMT Organisation. I wish I could give you the love and support you gave to me one day!” 

Maram – 2016 HE scholarship student (partial award)

Maram was due to graduate in Physics with Education in summer 2020, but COVID restrictions interrupted her plans.  ““… According to my graduation I didn’t have the opportunity to finish this year because I have two courses, they are training at school and because of the virus schools are closed so according to that I have to wait till the first term to do them if schools are open.  I am done with all my theoretical courses. I hope you are good safe and a good health.” We have since heard that she successfully graduated in 2021 and is hoping to get a job teaching physics in a secondary school.

Current Higher Education Scholarships

Rawan – 2018 HE scholarship student

Rawan completed her third year at Birzeit University studying Computer Engineering in summer 2021.  With grades consistently in the 90s she was listed for an honor grade. “The third year is already over.  With the help of the DSMT dreams of pursuing a computer engineering degree is becoming real. … The most challenging course was the Artificial Intelligence course.  The course assessment was based on two projects performed through the semester, I was proud of both my projects and used them in most of the interviews I have been through… I am doing my technical training this summer.  It is about 240-hours working in-site in a company. Well, I have received four offers from four different companies in Ramallah based on many interviews I have been through as well as my high GPA.  I have finally made my decision to do my training at ASAL Company. It is awesome!… At the end of this long report, I would like to thank again the DSMT for their help and support through my university journey.

arwa-copyArwa – 2018 HE scholarship student

Arwa has now completed her third year studying Accounting and Finance at Birzeit University. “…And I am happy because through this year I discovered and developed myself. I got a GPA in the first semester of 84 and 85.2 in the second semester and 81.5 in the summer session. …As you know, from the beginning of the university, I have met charitable groups to help people. Despite the health situation, we have carried out our charitable activities such as going to introduce joy to cancer patients, painting the homes of the elderly and cleaning their homes, helping students get high grades in their studies and helping new students get acquainted with the university system …” 

Narmeen – 2017 HE scholarship student

Narmeen is due to graduate in spring 2022 from Birzeit University with a degree in Law. “…Now, this is my last semester, and finally we are coming back to normal face to face learning. …I presented my seminar project in front of my doctor, a judge, my family and friends and I did great, and got a very good grade. As for the extracurricular aspect, I participated in summer camps as a leader to volunteer with orphaned children, I took a course to become a tourist guide, I started learning Hebrew language lessons, and finally I registered for another course for legal translation, which I couldn’t do last year because of COVID 19. ”