Higher Education Scholarships

The DSMT-Dar El Tifl Higher Education scholarship Programme funds higher education scholarships for former pupils of the school to study at Palestinian universities.

The scholarships are awarded by competition to able but disadvantaged girls. The award covers the fees for a whole undergraduate course (usually 4 years).  Terms of the scholarship ask award holders to take a full part in university life, to undertake some voluntary work if time allows, and to act as  role models for younger Dar El Tifl pupils.

See examples of Higher Education Reports and application Guidance Notes.

2018 scholarship winners

This year it was difficult to chose between two very able and deserving applicants so for the first time, DSMT awarded two full HE scholarships:

arwa-copyTo Arwa, to study Nursing at Birzeit University.  Sadly her parents are no longer alive to follow her progress.

“Dear DSMT   

Today I  thank  you  for  this  great  opportunity  that  you  give  me  and  from  the  bottom  of  my  heart, because  I  need  it to continue my  university  life  and  the  course  of  academic  education.  I want you  to  know  how  much  I  love  the  nursing  profession  and  how  eager  I  am  to  get  my  university  degree so  I  will  be  as  good  as  you  think  me  and  I will be  committed  in  my  presence  and  studies  and  exams. …..I  really  can  not  express  the  amount  of  my  joy  in  this  grant  and  the  beautiful  opportunity and  you  work  as  an  example  for  me  and  I  hope  that  the  day  will  come  to  be  your  place.  I  will  not  forget  the  volunteer  work  and  charity  in  the  years  of  the  university  and will  tell  you  about  it  so  you  are proud  of  me  . …..” Arwa, September 2018

rawan-copyTo Rawan, who had a DSMT school scholarship in 2016-18, to study Computer Engineering, also at Birzeit University.

“…Many thanks for offering me the HE scholarship; it is an honour to be chosen for this award. ……..I will be starting university this Saturday, 1st September. I am so excited to start this experience! …This semester I will be taking an advanced English course, a physics class and physics lab class, calculus…an engineering drawing class… Many thanks again for the scholarship and I hope I will be good enough as an ambassador…” Rawan, September 2018

narmeenNarmeen – 2017 HE scholarship student

Narmeen is now in her second year at Birzeit University studying Law.

“…I am so excited to write this report about my first year at the university. It was difficult but in the same time it was exciting, there was a lot of pressure for being a first-year student and it was full with meaningful knowledge and rich of valuable experience, which I have learned either from my teachers or other students… I was quite busy in studying. I am so proud of my grades and for reaching my goal for this year… I have created relations and friendships with many students Muslims and Christians.  We did share our knowledge, experience, we have spent fun times together and we cooperate in many aspects…  I have shared my experience with you in  my report and the opportunity you have provided me with and how much lucky I am…” Narmeen, August 2018

haneenHaneen – 2017 HE scholarship student (partial award)

Haneen is now in her second year at Bethlehem University and has decided to change her specialism from kindergarten to primary education to broaden her future employment opportunities.

“…About the summer semester, it was difficult because we faced some challenges about my father’s sickness, and about the subjects they became higher in level than before, and the teachers used  different methods and harder than my previous teachers.   Still, I tried my best to do well and you can see my grades for the summer semester. …The university did many of art projects, so as you know about my talent  I joined them immediately, and they were successful as you can see this in the pictures below below… Finally I would like to thank every person who supports me to complete my higher education in a great university, and I hope to exceed your expectations, and many thanks for DSMT group again, because you help me in every difficult time.” Haneen summer 2018

nourNour – 2016 HE scholarship student

Nour is now in the third year of a degree in Architecture at An Najah University.

“….I’ve just finished my second year and it was full of challenges. In the first term I took courses like design (1), hand rendering ,  visual training , construction  material(1) ..but the course I always enjoyed the most was the course of design. We were asked to design and model a Villa and of course before starting the process of design we had to study an already constructed villa designed by a well-known architect. This was done in groups and we chose a villa designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We did our research and made a presentation of our results. …The second term was even more challenging.  We had to design a creativity child center but this time not only the case study was done in groups, also the design itself.  At first I was frightened, the idea of working with someone with totally different thoughts for two whole months on a project aims to help kids, which are the hardest division of the community to design for.  Designing with a partner means that you can’t take any decision alone, from the concept of the design to the architectural school you want to follow and the general form and colors of the building, to the smallest details of windows and doors. This required to spend most of my time with my partner, at the university and also after university… After I’ve got to know my partner better the fear has changed into enthusiasm. Working with a partner allowed me to think in a different way and made me more acceptable to other people’s opinions …”. Nour, summer 2018

maram-photo-summer-2018-copyMaram – 2016 HE scholarship student (partial award)

Maram is in her third year studying Physics at An Najah University.

“….Living at Nablus for the second year with the same girls was wonderful. We went to places we have never visited before. We are like sisters now, also when we are on holidays we see each others. Courses this year were enjoyable especially labs, and the best was the electronics labs class.  …I joined a course about how to be a good leader with a coach at university and they gave us certificate. We had a great time and it improved our personality.

…The college of science had the  9th scientific exhibition. As a physics student I participate at it. …Schools were invited to bring their students. These 3 days was amazing from all sides. My experiment which I was charged to explain was about the static electricity. Working as the physics team was great, you have to know about all the experiments to explain about them… when the other students have classes.  At the weekends sometimes I teach a boy at the fourth grade math when he had exams…” Maram, summer 2018

Israa  – 2015 HE scholarship student

Israa is in her fourth year studying Architecture at An Najah University

“… The third year of architecture is the separative stage, the transitional year from manual drawing and rendering to digital. Using common engineering computer software such as: AutoCAD, Autodesk 3dsmax and Photoshop. Also what specializes third year is the application of structural elements (like columns) and theories in such projects as an introduction to the real world. The first semester did not go so well due to this rapid transition, but the second semester was very satisfying, energetic and informative… I have participated in a competition to design a Green Community Centre in Balata Camp in Nablus. It is environmentally friendly building with some standards to be followed. Green building movement originated from the need for more energy. The competition was coordinated together with ASU University- United States of America. The aim was to enroll students in environmental concerns and enable them to think green wise.  Me and my team were not lucky enough to win, but participation was better than nothing… I joined the Japanese culture club and participated in Japanese Culture Exhibition at the University. I managed the Origami corner…As days goes by, I become more attached and more belonging to the place. I have met very kind, simple and pure hearted friends, having them around you is precious thing, wiping off your sadness and hardest moments, share with you the  university stress and the happiest unforgettable moments.  I also became more familiar with the studying language of architecture , which was an obstacle for me in the  beginning. Almost everything is becoming clear now and connected in a very strange fantastic way.  THANK YOU.” Israa, summer 2018

danaDana – 2015 HE scholarship student (partial award)

Dana is in her fourth year studying Law at Birzeit University and despite her anxieties she successfully  passed her third year exams.

“…The  last  semester  was  not  the  best  academically  for  me… I  did not  find  the  best  way  to  study  and  I  suffer  from  great  tension  when  I  submit  the  exam.  I consulted with  my  teachers  but  they  confirmed  that  I  am  an  active  person  during  the  lectures  but  I  have  to  get  rid  of  this  tension. …As  for  my  non-systematic  activities,  I  recently  took  a  40-hours  session  with  the  Gender  Forum,  which  included  activities  on  women’s  and  children’s  rights … I  have  always  told  you  about  my  presence  in  a  voluntary  group  that  helps  people  in  need.  “Youth  Fingerprint”  basmet  shabab  ,  which  we  have  completed  with  a  charity  bazaar  two  days  ago,  which  helped  more  than  100  children  after  collecting  donations  from  people.  In  addition,  in 

Ramadan  we  did  an  evening  for  university  students,  It  was  meant  to  live  a  family  atmosphere  together  with  many  activities,  and  soon  we  will  be  working  with  cancer  patients  at  Beit  Jala  Hospital.  I  started  with  some  of  my  colleagues  a  voluntary  legal  group  that  aims  to  acquaint  people  with  their  rights,  freedoms  and  duties  through  many  activities  and  seminars.  The  group held  its  first  activity  on  21/7/2018.  It  was  a  cycling  tour  to  visit  the  government  departments  in  Jerusalem  and  was  aimed  at  law  students…  These  events  were  successful  and  we  achieved  the  Group’s  goal  through  which  we  will  have  many  legal  activities  also  soon. Thank  you  DSMT  for  being  always  there.” Dana, summer 2018

leenLeen – 2015 HE scholarship student (partial award)

Leen completed the second year of her Social Work degree at Bethlehem University, having changed from Occupational Therapy in 2016.

“…This year was full of achievements and activities, I have visited 15 institutions that work with social workers and made for each one a report. I have completed 360 hours of my first training course at the Palestinian Guidance Center in the Old City, volunteered 50 hours at Yabous Culture Center and attended many conferences about social work and physiology in Palestine. This achievement has increased my knowledge and skills so much.  I have faced some difficulties and challenges in training but even  so I have passed with B grade. I found my personality in this field and it really fits my abilities. I feel pleasure going to the university each day, through communicating with my friends and doctors there. The university makes events and activities each Thursday so I join them despite the pressure of the exams and assignments…” Leen summer 2018