Higher Education Graduates



aya-babyAya – 2012-2017 HE Scholarship Student

Aya graduated in Information Technology from Al Quds University in spring 2017. During her course she married and in 2016 gave birth to a daughter.  After a semester off last year she returned to complete her degree course in the first semester 2016-17. Many congratulations to Aya on this successful outcome and for all her hard work and determination.

“All thanks back to you and your support. I’m so thankful and lucky I was one of the girls you chose. This thing would never be forgotten, because of you I’ve finished my first step in university and I’m looking forward to have a masters degree in IT of Business MITB by God willing…. Thank you DSMT, you added a lot to me.  I hope every single Palestinian student has a chance to be supported from an organisation like you.  All respect to you. Your thankful student.”

rinad-heRinad – 2013-2016 HE Scholarship Student

Congratulations to Rinad. Her range of study and exceptionally high grades throughout her course enabled her to graduate in three years instead of four!

Rinad is now studying for the Palestinian licence in law and also learning Hebrew so she can obtain her Israeli law licence in due course. She is also planning to take post-graduate studies in human rights and international law.

“I am sincerely honoured to have been selected as the recipient of the DSMT scholarship which has allowed me to become a proud advocate … I’d  like to thank you again and I’d like to express my gratitude and thanks to your donors and supporters who make this scholarship possible for me…”

hala-and-angelaHala – 2011-2015 HE scholarship student

Photo: Hala with Angela Simpson of DSMT  in East Jerusalem, April 2017

Hala graduated from Birzeit University in summer 2015 with a degree in English and Business. DSMT HE scholarships encourage girls to take a full part in university life including voluntary work and Hala certainly did this, developing her organisational skills and building up her CV. Despite high unemployment in the OPTs, after just a few weeks she secured a post in Jerusalem with international courier company Fedex where she has been promoted and is now in charge of customs clearance. Longer term she would like to study for a Masters, and gain work experience abroad to develop her career. She also acts as DSMT’s translator.

“I said to my mother a few days ago, I am so happy with my life.  I have a degree, a job, a car.  I can help my family – and  I can wear what I like! Thank you DSMT for my scholarship which started me off on this path”. Hala, April 2017

tamara-gradTamara – 2007-2012 HE scholarship student

The first DSMT award holder, Tamara Halasi, graduated in summer 2012 with a BSc in Materials Engineering at Al Quds University. Tamara’s participation in university life and her extensive volunteering led to her being selected in her final year to visit the UK with fellow students in 2011. In 2012 as a graduate she returned to London to take part in a five month volunteer project organised by Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association. In 2013 she took up a post as an engineer with a multi-national company in UAE. After studying in the UK in 2015-16 Tamara is now back in Palestine and seeking a job, ideally in medical engineering.

Tamar UAE

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