How we are run

The trust is a registered company limited by guarantee and a registered UK charity run by a board of volunteer directors, supported by a part-time administrator.

  • Susan Cooksley: Formerly Head of Corporate Finance, Legal, Commerzbank (retired)
  • Matthew Edwards: Retired Senior Executive, Accenture
  • Tom Hartley: Formerly CEO, Kroll Advisory Solutions, now CEO, Lawyers on Demand
  • Angela Simpson: Education Consultant (retired)
  • Georgina Simpson: Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Anne H. Tiedemann: Director, Investor Relations, Glasswall Holdings, Inc
  • Joann Walker: Fundraising Manager and former banker
  • Lesley Shareif: Administrator (part time)

The trust gratefully acknowledges the on-going and wide-ranging support of Kroll for whom Dominic worked as Head of Middle East Practice from 1998 until his death.

DSMT Annual Report 2017-2018

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DSMT Company number 5394759, Registered Charity number 1109452