Past School Scholarship holders

“We girls from Dar Al Tifl are like a society. A society of sisters. We can be away from each one for years, and when we meet, it is as if we were together yesterday. We share many memories, and love and support each other as much as we can.” Soraida (past student, now an education professional)

“About Dar El Tifl, I always say that it gave me enough swimming lessons before diving in the sea of life.” Wisam (DSMT school scholarship holder 2008-10, now working as a qualified nurse in the US)

DSMT school scholarship girls 2007-2021

Post-school progression routes: All girls completed their schooling successfully, with good or excellent grades in the tawjihi exams and most progressed to higher education.

2019-21 school scholarship girls

L-R: Sanable, Aseel, Haneen, Nadeen and Aya. All five girls achieved over 90% scores in the Tawjihi examinations.

Sanabel is studying Civil Engineering at Birzeit University, Aseel is living with her aunt in New York and studying Computer Science and Aya is at Al Quds University studying medicine. Haneen and Nadeen have taken a year’s preparatory course at the Hebrew University and hope to progress to degree study there from 2022.

2018-20 school scholarship winners

From left to right:  Razan and Nourina achieved exceptional Tawjihi grades and both have taken taken  courses at the Hebrew University, so they can apply to study for a degree there. Rahaf and Natal also scored highly in the Tawjihi and both are now studying Nursing at Bethlehem University. Nadeen did well in the Humanities stream Tawjihi and is now on a course at Beit Salil College in preparation for studying for a degree in future. Israa also successfully completed 12th grade in summer 2020.  DSMT obtained sponsorship to enable her to stay at school she was at risk of having to leave in 8th grade. She is now studying Nursing in Jerusalem.

2017-19 school scholarship winners

2017-2019-girlsFrom left to right:  Aya, studying Medicine at Al Quds,  Bara’a, Muna and Layan, taking preparatory courses at the Hebrew University before commencing their chosen degree courses.

2016-18 school scholarship winners


Left to Right: Lana, studying Dentistry at Al Quds University;  Tala, Nursing at Al Maqased Hospital;  Rawan, Computer Engineering at Birzeit University supported by a DSMT HE scholarship


Lana (L) and Rawan (R) speaking to DSMT visitors about their film making experience, April 2017

View Lana and Rawan’s presentation

In 2016-17 Lana and Rawan took part in a joint film project called ‘Reel Stories’ with girls from a school in Dearborn, Michigan, the home of the Arab American National Museum.  The project was funded by the US State Department and included exchange visits. The Dar Al Tifl al Arabi campus is home to the Palestinian Heritage Museum as well as the school.

2015 – 17 school scholarship winners

Left to Right: Taymah is now in the 3rd year of her medical degree at An Najah; Wala  is studying Biomedical Sciences at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Haneen, Primary Education at Bethlehem University assisted by a DSMT HE partial scholarship; Narmeen, Law, Birzeit University assisted by a DSMT HE scholarship

Wala: “… I did a preparatory year in the Hebrew university to learn the Hebrew language, at the same time I did the psychometric exam, and I got high marks. The preparatory year was really an exciting experience because I was with people from all around the world and to know about their cultures. On Sunday, I will start in biomedical sciences. I hope it will be nice and good.” October 2018

2014 – 16 school scholarship winners


Left to Right: Rua’a in her final year of Accountancy at Bethlehem University; Tala now studying Biotechnology at Hadassah University Hospital;  Maram in her 4th and final year of Physics and Education at An Najah University, assisted by a DSMT HE partial scholarship.

It is the most difficult year, i have graduation project next semester, a market projects, each group should have a booth to sell something, then we will make the financial statements to show the group work, this will be so interesting, I hope”.  Rua’a, December 2019

2013 – 15 school scholarship winners

2013-2015-girls-300x103Left to right: Bara’a, Medicine at Al Quds University. Hanan took a gap year after school to learn Hebrew and is now studying Architecture at Ort College in Jerusalem. Aseel, also Medicine at Al Quds.

2012 – 14 school scholarship winners

2012-2014 girlsRuba (right) graduated in Civil Engineering from Birzeit in 2019 and we believe Batool (left), Audiology and Speech Therapy at Birzeit University. Rinad (centre), Arabic Language at Birzeit, have also now graduated.

Ruba: “….Thank you for asking about me… My course is 160 credit hours in five years. I have finished 142 hours so I have 18 hours left distributed into two semesters. I will be graduating in June 2019.”

2011 – 13 school scholarship winners

Dar El Tifl 2011-13 girlsLeft to right: Tamara completed her schooling and married soon afterwards.  She is studying part time at Al Quds Open University on a Health Management degree and had her first child, a little boy, in September 2018. Reem, Graduated in Pharmacy from Al Quds University. Nour Graduated in Sports Science from An Najah University. After volunteering as a gym instructor in schools to gain experience, she worked as a teacher in a primary school. She had a baby girl in summer 2018.

DSMT is grateful to Abraaj Capital, Dubai, for their generous contributions to the school scholarship fund between 2007 and 2010.

2010 – 12 school scholarship winners


Left to right: Aya; studied Computing at Al Quds University with a DSMT Higher Education Scholarship and graduated in 2017. Aya now has three young children who take up all her time but she hopes to be able to use her IT skills when they are older. Haya, graduated with a degree in Audiology and Speech Therapy at Birzeit University in summer 2017.  She married soon afterwards and now has two children. She lives in Jerusalem and is also working in her specialist field.  Bodour graduated in Medicine at An Najah University in 2018. She is now in the USA hoping to secure the next stage of her specialist training.

bodourgrad38511382_1773756076046520_817398620788621312_n-copySee Bodour’s progress towards becoming a doctor. – see video

2009 – 11 school scholarship winners

2009-11 scholarship girlsLeft to right: Raneen, graduated in Business from Wagdi Abu Gharbiyeh’s College, Jerusalem. Now married with children. Shaima, graduated in Administration and Political Science at Birzeit University in 2015.  After several internships including with the UN Development Programme, her determination paid off and she now has a paid position with the charity Mercy Corps. Shatha, graduated in Medical Laboratory Studies at An Najah University, Nablus. She worked for some time as a volunteer at Hadassa Hospital and now has a job as a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

2008 – 10 school scholarship winners

Dar El Tifl 2Left to right: Shatha, graduated in Medicine from Cairo University and Al Makassed Hospital in 2016. Narmeen, Business Administration at Al Quds University, now married with children. Wisam, now nursing in the USA.

2007 – 09 school scholarship winners

3 girlsLeft to right: Samah, qualified as a doctor in 2015 from the Science and Technology University, Jordan. Rwaida, graduated in English from Birzeit Univerity. Dua’a completed teacher training, now married with children.