Our philosophy and approach

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We work within mainstream education systems believing that economically disadvantaged girls and young women need access to marketable skills, up to date knowledge and recognised qualifications to have the chance of a secure economic foothold in their society.   But we believe that education is about much more than this.

Access to good quality education is the key to unlocking the potential of individuals, which in turn brings benefits to their families and communities. By focusing on the educational needs of disadvantaged girls and young women in the Palestinian Territories we are assisting a group that faces many obstacles: social, economic and political. However they are also a group that promises to be ‘part of the solution’ rather than the problem. Evaluation feedback we receive year on year includes many personal testimonials which confirm the power of education to help individuals find a voice, to have ambitions, to recognise their capacity to influence their families and communities for the good and to contribute to wider society.

Our image of these processes is of a tree with roots, branches and leaves. The education input helps the tree ‘flower’: in terms of personal growth, improved economic prospects and social influence. Perhaps not everything will ‘bloom’ for everyone in one generation but the seeds planted will improve the chances for the next generation and beyond.

“I said to my mother the other day, I am very fortunate with my life, I now have a degree, a job, a car and I can wear the clothes I choose.” Hala, DSMT Higher Education Scholarship winner 2011, graduated in English and Business in 2015, now Co-ordinator for Academic and Social Support for the Al-Saraya Center in Jerusalem

“I am Layan Muhtaseb, tawjihi student from the scientific stream, I have just finished school… I hope that I get good marks and study pharmacy…. I am writing to thank you for the scholarship.  You gave me such a great opportunity to study in an excellent school and I really appreciate it a lot.  Awarding me this scholarship was so helpful and I hope one day I will be able to help students just as you have helped me”. Layan, school scholarship student, June 2019

“I hope this email finds you well.  Many thanks for your kind concern… I am doing very well, I got the Palestinian licence and currently I am working at a big legal office in Ramallah, I supervise four trainee lawyers. I am pleading in front of the court daily. Regarding my Master degree, I will be graduated of Master in law at June 2020. I will start the preparation for Israeli licence hopefully in September 2020”. Rinad, December 2019. Rinad was the winner of the 2013 DSMT Higher Education Scholarship. She graduated in Law at Al Quds University a year early in 2016 and is continuing her training as a lawyer.




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