Teacher to teacher project

Between 2006- 2009 the DSMT was the sole funder of the ECRC’s very successful ‘Teacher to Teacher’ programmes. Unqualified and inexperienced kindergarten teachers, often working in isolated and difficult circumstances, were paired with experienced teachers and supported by expert trainers from the ECRC to improve their knowledge and understanding of how young children play, learn and develop, and to apply this in their own classrooms.

Over 350 young women have received this high quality DSMT-funded training and mentoring in areas throughout the Palestinian Territories.  Several thousand children, including many who are very disadvantaged and sometimes traumatised, are benefiting from their teachers’ professional development.

Expressive Arts Project

Designed to help teachers use the expressive arts to support young children’s learning, this successful programme also draws in parents who are encouraged to try similar techniques with their children at home. 40 teachers from 38 kindergartens participated in the six month programme and 120 workshops were held for parents. These workshops involved and benefited 1007 children, 101 teachers and 285 parents: a remarkable ‘value for money’ programme. Work like this is crucial in a region where no more than a quarter of children receive any pre-school education, many staff are unqualified and there are only two state kindergartens.

“They have found new ideas in the activities provided, that could be applied at home with their children, which help to create fun and joyful atmosphere and bring the parents closer to their children.”
Head teacher’s feedback on an expressive arts workshop she arranged for parents as part of the DSMT-funded project.

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