Vocational Training Centre, Jericho. 2007 – 2015

DSMT warmly acknowledges the generous support of ABC International Bank towards our programmes with the Jericho VTC in 2013-14 and 2014-15.

VTC group photos

Young women enrolled on the Graphic Design long course and modular training programme.

Between 2007 and 2015 DSMT contributed £140,295 towards programmes in up-to-date, market-oriented skills for disadvantaged girls and young women at the East Jerusalem YMCA’s Vocational Training Centre in Jericho in partnership with UK-based Ycare International. From 2010 DSMT was the sole funder of the vocational modules, which included Accountancy, Graphic and Website Design, Computer Maintenance, Office Administration and English Language.

Each year DSMT helped between forty and seventy-five girls and young women (depending on recruitment) on long and short courses to learn new skills, obtain nationally recognised qualifications and improve their chances of entering the labour market. Many girls were from very traditional and marginalised communities, including Bedouin. Along with the accompanying psycho-social elements that help build self-confidence and resilience, these programmes have often had a transformative effect on the lives of participants.

“…Thanks to this support an average of 245 young women have also received in-job training, enhancing their employability as well as their confidence to seek a job”. YCI November 2015

“…We have always been very impressed by the dedication of VTC Director Ismail Hamden and his hardworking staff and we send our warmest good wishes for the future to all at the Jericho VTC…” DSMT July 2015

Fatimah’s Story

FatimahFatimah joined the VTC after she failed to complete her final high school exam. Before Fatimah joined the programme she was incredibly shy and had almost no self-confidence.

After finishing her training she decided to open her own business with some other family members. Together with her mother, Fatimah has opened her own hair studio and beauty centre where they are both able to earn a good living. Both Fatimah and her mother are incredibly happy with their achievement which was only possible due to the support of the vocational training centre. Thank you to DSMT.

To read some *personal stories of graduates of these programmes please click on the following:

*In line with YCare International’s Working with Children and Young People Policy, all names of beneficiaries have been changed to protect their identities.

Click here to view an interview with a former VTC student who is now working as a kindergarten teacher.

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