Westminster Abbey – June 2009

Last year’s annual fund-raising event saw a change of format: rather than a formal dinner this was an informal drinks reception in Westminster Abbey’s beautiful East Cloister.  Sponsored once again by Kroll, and supported by Maclay Murray & Spens, Shell and Unilver, the event maintained the DSMT’s record of combining impressive venues with a fun atmosphere.

The evening was a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported the Trust since its inception and also a chance to invite new people to join us.  Around 200 guests attended, including Palestinian General Delegate Professor Hassassian and Mrs Hassassian, and several representatives of the Council of Arab Ambassadors to Britain.

Some excellent Lebanese wine was served, generously sponsored by Bekka Valley growers, Massaya Wines and their UK importers Thorman Hunt.

Over £20,000 was raised from the event towards our education projects in the Palestinian Territories.

“We see the support we offer as life-changing, giving those who want it, the opportunity to improve their lot, as happens elsewhere in the world…as we leave this wonderful setting this evening please spare a thought for the girls we support and many more like them, desperate for an education and the possibilities it may open up for them”. Georgina Simpson, DSMT Chair of Directors